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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

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I've moved my stuff to YouTube. Click the link for my channel. I've also marked many that are worth viewing again and again. Best I've found so far are the Star Trek/Monty Python blends.

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Unbelievable  Picture Collection
Funny or not; you be the judge

Virtual Appliance for IT Monitoring.
Check out GWMCEvm, my free virtual appliance that can be used to monitor your network using Open Source Software. You'll need the free VMWare player from

- My problem with the Star Wars Prequels
George Lucas thinks computers can act. Instead of puppets  and costumed actors, the prequels use digital animation with voice overs as characters (Jar-Jar was plain awful). The result is too many scenes where the real actors aren't looking at their digital counterpart, hence there is absolutely no on-screen chemistry. (More to come eventually)

- Awards
Columbia Scholastic Press Association
My Suggested  List of Links on various topics:

- Open Source Software

I believe there is great promise to reduce the cost of computing and improve computer security by using freely available, open source software. I believe the  days of paying for software licenses is coming to an end. Instead, we will purchase support for freely available software. The result will be that the money you and I spend on software will foster innovation instead of harboring stagnation.

Consider the fact millions of people today have free Internet email accounts and web sites. Why then do  businesses pay any money on software that provides these same functions? Read more

- Firewalls and Internet Security

My knowledge and passion on the subject were greatly influenced by Steve Bellovin and Marcus Ranum. I built my career in computing on things learned reading their books, their Internet post and speaking directly with them.

- Medulloblastoma & Pediatric Brain Cancer

More than I ever wanted to know about this topic you can find here.

What to do after calling 911?

Something I never thought about and think everyone should