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A Free, Open Source IT Monitoring and SLA Reporting Virtual Appliance
Created for all the IT folks providing 24x7 support @ 9x5 pay
Community-based support for this virtual appliance is available here (but do read about Nagios first).

New version is released, based on Groundwork Open Source v5.2.1 and including recent public domain contributions from GroundWork, Maarten Loose & Christophe Fonteyne of Super-Visions LLC in Belgium and many others around the world. Highlights include:

- Nagios for great availability status correlation, event handling and accurate alerting;
- Groundwork Monarch for MySQL-based WebUI Nagios Configuration
- Groundwork RRD Perfmon for Nagios. Track disk space, bandwidth utilization, memory, swap and more over time, using Nagios perf data or status text for RRD input
- Groundwork Foundation Web Services and Reporting for Baseline and Service SLA measurements. Out-of-the-box Insight Web Reports are included.
- SuperVision's NagVis port for GroundWork Monitor adds ITSM visualization extensions, WebInject in installed and configured for end user synthetic testing of web applications, built on CentOS Linux.

Below are some screenshots and there are more in the man page.

Download GWMCEvm here. Check the GroundWork forum for updates and if you require Nagios v3.x Support

This virtual appliance enables instant Open Source-based monitoring of IT systems and applications for availability, performance and capacity. It has been used around the world by small, medium and large Organizations and created a number of IT heros that solved real problems with their knowledge of Open Source software, instead of additional budget ;^) Built around
Nagios, additional open source software like NagVis, nMAP, RRDTool, NagVis for GroundWork, WebInject and Groundwork Monitor are integrated with MySQL, Apache, PHP, AJAX and Java to provide a simple, yet powerful and flexible ITSM inspired solution.

here for the man page

16JUL08 - NetworkWorld Review of this Virtual Appliance
Read the post here

20MAY08- Version 5.2.1 posted, but now called gwmcevm521 instead of GWOpen.
Read the man page here

05MAY07 - The problem this virtual appliance is attempting to solve explained in video.
Click here to view

21JAN07 - High praise for GWOpen posted on Sourceforge.
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20SEP06 - Checkout the University of Utah Wiki for Groundwork Monitor Open Source

17SEP06 -
Here's a doc outlining how to setup event relaying to Microsoft MOM for non-windows devices.

10AUG06 - Thanks Peter in Austrialia for letting me know Sendmail is off by default. Turn it on from command line with chkconfig.

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NagVis Map View
Status Viewer with RRDTool for Historical Plugin Perf Data
GroundWork Foundation SLA Reports based on WebInject synthetic tests